April 22, 2020

Loft & Garage Conversions for Extra Space & Value

The state of the British housing market - a further fall of 1% in the price of an average residential dwelling in January contributed to a fall of nearly 10% year-on-year according to recent figures - precludes moving home for many homeowners. Families grow, nevertheless, and the emphasis in the immediate future is likely to be on maximising the space available in, or adding space to, existing homes.

A garage conversion, for example - whether you choose a DIY approach or employ a specialist company to complete the work for you - can be an affordable way of adding living space, and value, to your home. You may, for example, want to create an extra bedroom, or a home office, or even a dedicated home cinema.

A loft conversion, similarly, can add an extra bedroom, or bathroom, or both, and anything up to 20% to the value of your property. If you are planning to sell your home when the market recovers, however, prospective buyers may find a permanent solution more attractive than a retractable loft ladder, and Velux® roof windows.

Bear in mind that older properties - built in the early Seventies or before - may require less structural work than newer properties and clearance of 7½' is required for a ceiling at standard height. If headroom is an issue, dormer windows - gabled windows that extend above the height of the original roof - may be a possibility, subject to planning, building, and fire safety, regulations.

If you are in any doubt about planning permission, etc., contact your local planning office or at https://www.jasmerah.net site. If you are considering an extra bathroom in your loft spaceyou also need to consider the location of soil pipes and the capacity of your existing heating and hot water system.

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Maximise Your Space with Clever Storage Solutions

If you have a growing family or a home office -whether it be in the corner of a living room or bedroom or in a box room as is often the case - or both - you may well find that storage space soon becomes an issue.

In a living room, for example, you may like to choose modular storage units which can be added to as your need for storage space increases and arranged to suit your changing needs. Dual purpose furniture at Borneo, too, can be a boon if your space is limited. A coffee table with drawers or a window seat with drawers or large, lidded baskets beneath may allow you to dispense with a display cabinet or armchair and free floor space. Shelving is an obvious solution for books and magazines, but if you choose wide, sturdy shelves you may be able to double their capacity by adding a block of wood, painted or stained to match the shelf itself; this allows a back row of books to be raised above those at the front of the shelf.

In a home office, space saving may not necessarily revolve around small, compact items. An office desk, of course, needs to be large enough to accommodate a computer, keyboard, books, files, etc., but a desk designed to lean against a wall or a corner unit - especially in glass - can maximise the amount of storage available and create an illusion of space.

The same principles apply to bedroom design, of course, and bedroom furniture, such as a cabinet with multiple drawers or a chest or coffer placed discretely at the end of your bed can provide crucial extra storage. You need not be restricted solely to bedroom furniture per se; bookshelves and/or a small desk area in a guest bedroom, for example, can be an excellent method of using the available space to maximum effect.

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Natural Paint Good for Your Home and Your Health

"The blind man's wife needs no painting" according to the Spanish proverb but this is unfortunately not the case with the typical British home. In times of economic uncertainty, with the housing market plumbing new depths on an almost daily basis, many homeowners are choosing to stay put and invest in what they've got rather than move home.

However, nothing signals neglect to a prospective homebuyer more than dull, cracked, exterior paintwork or a tired, worn, interior. Sanding and touching up exterior woodwork, even if there is only a small amount, can add a fresh look to your home without breaking the bank and without taking more than a few hours to complete. Similarly, painting enclosed interior spaces such as hallways or stairwells in bright bold colours can add a sense of space; if you don't like the result you can always repaint in a more neutral colour at a later date without wasting too much money.

Painting - and wallpapering, for that matter - is also no longer just a question of aesthetics for many people as there are some fairly serious health, and environmental, issues attached to some of the older, traditional materials used. Modern, naturally produced paints provide the same performance as older, chemical based paints without giving off potentially harmful fumes and volatile organic compounds which contribute to the concentration of ground-level ozone, the primary constituent of smog and a contributory factor in hundreds of deaths per year in the United Kingdom. Linseed oil paints, for example, are renowned for their longevity, and weather to an attractive appearance, whilst water based acrylic paints, in gloss or matt finishes, similarly release no harmful chemicals. Both types of paint are obviously also free of white lead a toxic constituent of some traditional paints.

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October 10, 2019

How to Install a Peg Board?

A peg board which is nothing but hardboard which has been drilled to give a perforated look. A peg board is used to keep machinery in an organized manner. The holes drilled in are meant to attach hooks or pegs on which many items can be hung. Pegboard is the name of a brand actually; the technical term for such board is perforated board. Following are the steps from Otota.co to install a pegboard by you discussed in detail.

1. Leave enough space behind the board

While you are mounting the perforated board, you need to pay attention to some details like there should be enough gap between the board and the surface on which you plan to hang it as the hooks on which you tend to hang your tools would need some space as they go to the back of the board.

2. Mark up the wall studs for strip support

This measure has no more significance than the fact that the strips which will support the board need to be attached firmly to the wall unit and to do that you need to mark up the studs and a stud sensor will help you to find the studs in the wall. Thus you do not need to hammer away the whole wall to locate the wall studs.

3. Provide a frame for back support of the pegboard

After you have marked the studs then mount a back support on the wall with two horizontal strips of wood and two vertical strips to form a rectangular frame and two vertical strips in between to serve as a support. Once this frame is mounted your work is almost done. Now all you need to do is mount the pegboard.

4. Size up you board

Once your frame is mounted then you need to cut your perforated board according to the size of the frame. Use a jigsaw or a table saw to cut the board out according to the set measurements. Do not try to cut the board with a blade or knife you might get hurt like that.

5. Mount your board on the frame

Once you have the board ready as per the measurements, attach the board on the framework with screws. You can use a drill to affix the screw in so that you board is attached firmly to the frame.

6. Arrangement

Now your perforated board is ready to use and you can arrange the hooks as per your liking. In case you feel that you might misplace the tools on board you can draw the outlines of the tools around their specific hooks so everything goes up on the right place.

The materials used for installing a perforated board are a pegboard, stud sensor, pencil, ruler, wooden strips, nails and screws, screw drills, table saw or jigsaw, and pegs or hooks. While undertaking such installation by yourself you need to be focused and careful enough so that you do not end up hurting yourself.

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How to Paint Over a Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling, more often referred to as cottage cheese ceiling is a kind of paint on ceiling which has some very special acoustic benefits like absorbing noise and thus reducing it, this kind of ceiling also conceals any minor construction flaw and also gives the room a new refreshing look.

The texture of this acoustic ceiling is something like the inside of an orange peel, which increases the durability of ceiling and also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Initially Popcorn ceilings were made of asbestos, however after the ban of asbestos due to various health hazards a material called Styrofoam is now being used to manufacture these ceilings.

Painting a popcorn ceiling is not a difficult task and with a few precautions it can be easily done by anyone. Following are the steps to paint a popcorn ceiling all by yourself:

Cleaning and Prepping the Ceiling

Its common sense that any surface would need a clean up before getting painted. So, before you start dusting off your popcorn ceiling, you should cover everything else in the room, this will prevent dust settling on to the furniture in the room and also protect them from the splatters of paint caused by painting the top most surface.
Once surroundings are covered, its time you get prepared to protect yourself and wear a facial mask so that the dust does not choke you and the paint does not splatter on your face, also preferably cover your hair as paint in hair can get quite messy. Now you are all set to start with your painting task.

Getting Your Equipment Ready

The materials that you will need to paint your popcorn ceiling are:
  1. Paint of your desired color.
  2. A foam paint roller because a brush might scrape the popcorn texture off the ceiling.
  3. And a high stool on which you can stand and paint your ceiling without straining your neck.
You will need a segmented foam paint roller so that it is easier to color the textured crevices of your ceiling.

For painting the popcorn ceiling you need to follow a pattern, first roll the paint roller in one motion, do not repeat or roll back as the ceiling starts to peel off once it gets wet as it has been sprayed on.

Thus just one steady coat is enough. In places where there are any stains you can spray some paint on beforehand and then apply a coat of paint. If the stains are intense then spray the color twice and coat again after the spray dries up.

One thing you should always keep in mind while painting a popcorn ceiling is that, once wet it will easily scrape off, so care should be taken while you paint it or apply spray on the problem spots.

Hope these tips were helpful enough to get this task done by yourself now, if not please comment below and let me know if you have any questions or a tip perhaps from your experience you’d like to share with all other DIY enthusiasts here.

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Get Trendy: New Design Trends You Can Try Today

Decorating can be a daunting task, especially if you already own a bunch of pre-exiting furniture and decor pieces that you'd like to keep. Rather than just trashing an entire room and starting from zero, there are many ways you can incorporate new design trends into your existing space to create a room that you'd be happy to call your own.

If you have focused heavily on big box home decor store finds in your decorating, an easy way to bring your room up to speed is to spend some time in thrift or antique shops. Often you can find one of a kind piece of artwork that may have a color you love, or a collection of colored glass bottles that you can display on your mantle. Mixing new and old pieces can add certain flair to a space.

Paint is by far the best way to liven up a room. New colors for 2019 focus on the bold and the beautiful. Consider painting your kitchen a rich aquamarine or adding a feature wall to your bathroom that is bold orange. Once you choose your colors, liven up a wall or two with some wall art. Stickers that come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes can add depth to your walls.

Best of all? They are easy to remove so you can change your wall up whenever the mood suits you. If you've always wanted to add wallpaper to your bedroom, try wall stickers instead. Another easy way to change things up quickly is by adding rugs, whatever you are looking for, blue rugs, red rugs, green, silk, cotton you will find in a style and shape to suite your decor.

Texture is something that many people don't consider when decorating their rooms. Banish your flat, drab throw pillows and cushions for rich velvet or a blinged out brocade. Add some crystals to your lampshade or a slash of toile fabric around the base for an eye catching addition to your living room. Texture can lift an existing room and create a feel of luxury.

Some people collect items on vacation and bring them back, eager to place them on display in a room in their home. Often, the piece doesn't work well within the current decor of the room. It's become trendy to design spaces around cultural pieces. Work in that antique window frame you picked up into your bedroom as a mirror, and then add farmhouse touches to really play up the unique look it brings.

Shiny objects are big in 2019, and adding a few to your existing decor is sure to jazz up your room. Lamps with mirrored bases, crystals added to overhead lights, or metallic fabrics on your throw pillows: Add a few here and there where the light reflects in your room and watch as the entire space brightens up.

No matter if you add a few touches here and there or completely overhaul your existing room, finding a way to incorporate new and stylish trends into your home is a sure way to breathe life into your spaces. Pick at www.toyota-makassar.com and choose the trends you love the most, and have fun!

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Right Kitchen Remodel For Your Home

Kitchen remodeling can help you restore your kitchen into central space of the house. From conventionally a dungeon-like place to cook and wash dishes to a multi-use action center of the entire family, kitchens have absolutely become a vital part of the modern homes. The homemakers now want to get the best kitchen remodeling done in order to have the best possible in-kitchen experience. Kitchen is after all a place where you have to spend very important time, and good cooking comes with good surroundings.

Kitchen remodeling can be an exceptional mean to add value to your home. It is a very wide topic and consists of many smaller areas. It takes time and planning.

You’ll want to make sure you are choosing the right kitchen remodel for your home and your budget. It is important that you research designs from several sources in order to make sure you have found the design that is perfect for your kitchen.

The first kitchen remodeling tilt is to believe the three basic kitchen functions: storage, food preparation, and clean-up. Additional considerations for small kitchens include space-saving built-in appliances at any time possible.

Using Local home improvement contractors gives you the advantage of working with well-informed home improvement experts. The difficulty of a house remodeling project depends upon the room being remodeled, the nature of the work to be done, and the capability of those doing it. Surviving the stress of a major home remodeling project can be a challenge.

For ideas regarding good custom made kitchens try to read up on as many articles and books on kitchen design, architectural style, cabinets, countertops, flooring, faucets and fixtures, as well as lighting. Great kitchen remodeling design takes the harmonization of kitchen design ideas, the assortment of kitchen cabinets, the arrangement of contractors and other professionals, and lastly, the conclusion of exceptional workmanship to create the kitchen of your dreams. In a family, generally everybody has a say in kitchen remodeling ideas because, even if they don’t cook, they will spend time in the kitchen eating breakfast and extra meals if the dining table is located in the kitchen.

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Pros And Cons of Real Fires for Fireplaces

There’s something wonderful about having a real log fire or wood burner in the living room, and it’s in vogue at the moment as many people have had them installed, even though they have perfectly good central heating systems. Many people don’t want a real fire for its practical value - it’s more about the cozy feeling and look that it can give a home.

Sage green and red living room with fireplace

However, it’s worth considering the pros and cons before you go out and order one at www.itrip.id. They can be quite costly to install and you may have to have your chimney fitted with a new flue to meet regulations. Also when you have got the fire installed, you’ll need to make sure that any furniture will be able to withstand the heat given out by your new fire. Some materials or surfaces are particularly heat sensitive, so you’ll have to make sure everything is positioned carefully in the room to avoid any damage or fire hazards.

Modern elegant living room design with fireplace

If you want an open fire, you need to make sure that your flooring will withstand sparks or embers leaping out of the fire, or ensure that you use a proper fireguard. Having carpeting that goes right up to the fireplace is not a sensible idea. Wood burners are a better choice to avoid accidental burns from embers and actually disperse the heat more effectively around a room.

You may also want to consider what kind of fuel you’re going to burn. Traditional logs can be messy and cause you a lot of extra cleaning. However, there are many versions of compressed sawdust logs which are much drier in content than traditional wood and therefore burn at a higher temperature. These come in vacuum packed plastic bundles and are a lot cleaner than traditional logs.

Having a real fire will create more dust in the room, so you may want to have glass fronted display cabinets or shelving units rather than open ones.

Fires are great for adding cosiness and warmth, but they will create a bit of extra work to maintain. Weigh up the pros and cons before making your decision.

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Modern Interior Design - Upgrading Home

The past year, the American economy has been experiencing a severe downturn. As a result, homeowners have decided to avoid the housing market and have, in turn, decided to increase the resale value of their assets.

Remodelling homes has become a very popular way to coast through tough economic times and prepare for a strong economy again in the future. Affordable investments now could lead to a significantly increased resale value on your home in the next 10-15 years - a time when, hopefully, the housing market will be back in full force.
If you're looking for affordable ways to make your home look modern and unique, we suggest the following:

1. Floors

Upgrading your floors will have a very noticeable (and positive) impact on your home. Carpet is becoming outdated but laminate floors (especially in dark colors like chocolate brown and charcoal black) are an affordable way to give the impression of hardwood without breaking the bank. A large, off-white, shag rug draped over the floor where the couch and coffee table sit will really give your home a modern feel and impress potential homebuyers.

2. Furniture

The biggest problem with modern interior design is outdated furniture. It's extremely important that you choose cool, unique furniture in your home - otherwise all of your other upgrades will go unnoticed. Your guests will spend more time trying to figure out how you spent so much money on sleek floors and funky accessories and ended up with this horrendous furniture that all of your hard work will end up being a waste.

Light colors like beige and off-white furniture is becoming popular. Black furniture remains a classic choice for many homeowners as well. Stay conservative when it comes to couches but play up chairs and coffee tables with funky designs in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will give your visitors the impression that you care about what your home looks like but it won't seem like you're trying too hard.

3. Accessories

Accessories are the greatest way to improve the look of your home without having to spend a fortune. Modern homes generally feature unique accessories that often have some form of story associated with them. A unique and affordable way to decorate your home and add a personal touch to the interior design is to create your own art pieces.

Purchase a significant amount of canvas and spend a day experimenting with different paint colors and textures. You can choose the colors that suit your home and you'll have a great story to tell your guests when they comment on how amazing your art work is.

We hope our tips have helped and we wish you the best of luck with making your home modern. And remember, spending a few dollars now can mean making a lot more in the future.

Ariella Selene has been helping homebuyers find their perfect home for years. She is great at finding homes with modern interior design and realizes the importance of affordable but stylish home accessories.

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September 10, 2019

The Ideal Kitchen Companion

Just about nowhere else in your house do electrical fittings have to put up with more abuse in terms of electrical items being pulled in and out of sockets, and dirt and grease building up around them, than in your kitchen. This is because your kitchen is one of the highest "Traffic" areas in your house and wall sockets in particular will have to put up with far more abuse in terms of things being regularly plugged in and unplugged from them on a daily basis, and thus be more prone to marking and scratching than just about any other area in your house.

Well you could simply opt to use white plastic switches and sockets in your kitchen as you probably have in the rest of your house, and quite possibly currently have in your kitchen. However if you have just remodelled your kitchen and fitted a new tiled splash back or even a stainless steel splash back, then you may well find that when set against this new background your existing white plastic electrical fittings look out of place and possibly a little on the cheap side of things. If you have just spent a lot of money remodelling your kitchen, it is worth spending a few extra pounds to upgrade your switches and sockets to match the new modern look of your kitchen.

These days when it comes to electrical fittings you no longer just have to stick with boring white plastic ones and you will find there are a wide range of great looking metal finishes available on the marketplace such as stainless steel switches and sockets, particularly if you search online for them.

One favourite that I would recommend in particular to use in the kitchen, due to be an extremely hard wearing and very easy to clean, is the use of stainless steel switches and sockets. This is because they are relatively cheap to purchase, and perfectly safe to use, despite the metal exterior they are just as well earthed as the plastic ones are, easy to fit and are readily available. You can purchase at www.daihatsumakassar.org site them in a brushed stainless steel finish or a polished stainless steel finish, and they are readily available in all common switch and socket formats meaning that you will never have to mix and match between product ranges.

You will also find that more dirt and grease builds up around your switches and sockets than anywhere else in your house and yet with stainless steel it is very easy to wipe them clean.

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Give Your Home Personal Touch with Remodeling Pittsburgh

It is not very easy to live in a dream home as the making of it demands huge fortune, resources, and time. Though, most people prefer to live in the flats these days because of the lower investment it requires, but having a your own home according to your taste and liking is a different feeling. It can be possible to live in a dream home if you plan things in a good way. You should spend your hard-earned money carefully when you are planning to make a sweet home of your dreams. One thing is for sure that you will have to spend hefty money to get the home of your liking. There are alternatives that can be looked upon for exquisite look to your existing home economically.

As the making of new home of one's liking needs huge investment, lots of people these days are choosing Remodeling Pittsburgh services so that they can customize the things according to their taste. It is always better to do remodeling if some areas of your house you do not like. The professional will work on those areas and change them according to your likings. This is the most economical way of getting the things of your own taste without investing a large amount of the money. This is the reason more and more people are indulging in the remodeling for quick changes in their homes.

The companies working in the area of rebuilding are having customized services such as kitchen remodeling Pittsburgh, drawing room remodeling, quest room remodeling and many more. As kitchen plays important role in the home, it should be equipped with advance appliance so that you can save the time and energy. Personalize a kitchen can provide you lots of empty space in the kitchen because the remodeling company utilize the space very judicially. Advance state of the art equipments used in the kitchen after remodeling will give you real comfort when you do work in the kitchen.

It is very smart to take services of Remodeling Pittsburgh to make your existing home your dream home. The areas which are not according to you taste will be remodel to give the design and look which you are in search of. One thing which you must take care is the quality of appliance installed after the work. Some remodeler use material of second quality which lasts only few years. There is only one way to avoid this which is taking the services of reputed remodeling company and finalizing the brands which should be used in remodeling. It is very easy to let your home giving a new look, you just have to make a call to such company and they will take care of everything.

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What is Home Styling And How Can it Help Me

Property styling is one of the latest things people can have done in order to sell their home more quickly and at a better price. Basically, it prepares a home for sale by making it look more appealing. When we live in a home for many years we often don't notice the things that may tend to make it look unattractive to others. In some cases it might only take a little bit of decluttering, but often more comprehensive steps are needed to prepare a home for sale.

When you decide to put your home on the market there is much more involved than contacting a real estate agent and having it listed. If your home does not look very attractive you will not be able to get the best possible price for it. With just a little work, the home can be transformed into something that looks like it is fresh out of a home decorating magazine. Then when people see it they will be so impressed and delighted that they will be happy to pay top dollars to make it their own.

You can't always prepare a house for sale on your own; it takes a fresh set of eyes to look at the place and decide on the best steps to take. While this will cost you, it is often far more preferable than having your house sit unsold for many months. You need to get it sold so that you can get on with your new life.

When rooms are crowded with our personal belongings, it often prevents us from seeing the wear and tear that has happened over the years. But it also hinders us from seeing the potential that room has to be turned into something that looks amazing. While de-cluttering is important, so are other major changes like a new carpet, painting the walls and ceiling and even redecorating with new and stylish furniture and artworks.

A property stylist can come into your home and make up a report for you to implement, or do it all for you. In cases where the furniture needs to be changed, this can be rented. You can move out of the home and leave it up to the stylist to redecorate it so that it looks amazing and will beckon buyers.

Specialists in www.celebes.co also take care of the lawn and garden since this in an integral part of the home. They can make your home look so wonderful that it will attract buyers quickly and sell for a great deal more.

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Building a Glass Extension - Things to Consider

A little more space and light can truly make a home a far more welcoming place and really allow you to improve your lifestyle. Conservatories can often be touted as a solution; however they don't offer the attractiveness and the longevity of a glass extension.

Building a glass extension is usually something that is quite similar to building any extension, although it is preferential to use a qualified company with experience in the area of contemporary glass extensions. These kinds of extensions are versatile, attractive, strong and will really add something extra to your home. However, before you install one, what should you consider?

Glazing - The sort of glass you decide upon is important. Because glass does not offer the same level of insulation as brick or other materials, you will most certainly need to consider double or even triple glazed panels.

This sort of high quality glazing is also covered in what is known as metal oxide. This helps to keep up to 80% of the heat in the room, ensuring that the room stays warm and cosy in winter time. Solar glazing can help further as it helps to maintain a comfortable temperature, even in the warmer months.

Heating and Cooling - Obviously insulation is only one aspect when choosing a glass extension, it's very important to be able to heat and cool the area. Traditional heating devices are well suited, such as radiators, and these days you can find some interesting contemporary designs if you'd like to keep a modern style. Under floor heating is also an option, albeit a luxurious one.

Cooling is simple. If you're on a budget, just install blinds - this is the easiest way to take control of the temperature, though the design is up to you. Most of these glass extensions have sliding double doors, meaning it's possible to allow a lot of air through the room when required. For a more hi-tech solution, subtle air conditioning units give you greater control and won't impact on the design or layout of the room too much.

Support - One of the reasons it is necessary to use a Seonesia specialist in this area, is simply because they will understand the structural requirements that are needed for glass extensions. Glass is obviously not as strong as bricks and mortar and this is taken into account during the design process. This means that a high quality company who are experts in the design and build of contemporary extensions can make all the difference.

Design - Of course, you also need to take the design into account. Most of these glass conservatories are quite modern in their architecture. That said, there are also a great number of designs to fit in with all sorts of older buildings - really adding something of spark to them and allowing them to take on a different dimension. It's well worth discussing such factors with a designer before you go ahead with your project.

Glass extensions can really add to a home and allow for a better quality of living, as well as more room and space.

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Home Remodeling Gets Supercharged as Storage Facilities Take The Load Off Owners' Minds

Home re-modeling can be both, a thoroughly enjoyable experience and an excruciating one. Whichever side of the fence one may stand on, it is still the best way to refresh and transform the look and feel of a place, without actually changing homes. But it can and does get confusing as one starts to think about the how and when of a home revamp. This is why; the following tips should come rather handy and help take the pressure off.

Drawing Inspiration: Being inspired is rather different from helping oneself to carte-blanche access to someone else's concepts. Often, inspiration lurks behind some of the most innocuous looking objects. For example, a junk motor engine can be had for a pittance. All it needs is a spit and polish job followed by a simple glass top, to transform it into a show table that's just right for those evening parties.

Banishing Clutter: Over time, the human instinct to hoard turns us all into silent hoarders who believe in stocking up that little bit more on everything. When viewed collectively, all those 'little bit more' moments turn into a huge problem. Remodeling time offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of all those unwanted items that have been occupying space in the home. The six-month-or-its-gone rule-of-thumb should prove to be useful in such situations. Anything that hasn't been used in the past six months should be shortlisted for disposal. The items to be disposed off can either be donated to charity or can be exhibited at a yard sale, with the proceeds going into the remodeling kitty.

The Accessory Experiments: Very often, a simple change in the home accessories viz. bedspreads, pillow-cases, throw-cushions, rugs, curtains, etc. can give the same space, a whole new character. The lower cost of replacements when compared to those for a full remodel is an added bonus.

Upholstery: A change in upholstery can also mean a change in character. Sometimes, the change itself ends up giving the place some much needed zest and oomph. There is a wide variety of colors, fabrics and treatments to choose from. One can go from the tried and tested to some really whacky ones, depending upon the mood and the wallet. A word of caution however, the louder or bold patterns tend to have a short visual life and get jaded quicker than the simple, elegant ones.

Go Berserk: Choose a wall, any wall in the home. Now write, sketch, stencil, paint, etch, and treat it any way preferred. Just ensure that it's creative, tastefully done and has the individuality of the home owner oozing out of every square inch. Secret Tip for those who are artistically challenged: get someone to execute their ideas. The remaining walls can be done in shades of white or base colors to off-shoot the intensity of the chosen wall.

Wall Claddings & Treatments: There are plenty of options to creatively do up walls. Tiling, Painting, Stone chipping, sand blasting, etc. are just a few of them. Choose wisely and take into consideration the weather conditions, the budget and the care required to keep them in optimal shape over time.

Floor'em All: Flooring treatments have matured a lot over the years. Today, rugs, throws, tiles, paints, poured concrete, rough cut stone, etc. all have their own unique appeal. The best way to choose a flooring option is to consider the climatic conditions, budget and the decor of the home in which it is to be installed.

Get Help: The DIY instinct may surge through strongly in many a person, but home remodeling, atleast the major parts are best left to the professionals. So do not hesitate or skimp on seeking help, just to save a few measly bucks.

Given that most remodeling jobs tend to be extensive in nature due to their semi-permanent life-spans, they usually involve emptying the area being remodeled out of all the furniture and other belongings. Earlier, home owners had few options and tended to stack up belongings in the remaining parts of the home. But this potentially damaging practice has been on the wane since the time storage companies began reaching out to needy home owners. Thus, owners can focus all their attention and energies on the remodeling at hand, secure in the knowledge that all their belongings are in safe hands at the friendly storage facility that's opened up close to the neighborhood.

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