October 10, 2019

How to Paint Over a Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceiling, more often referred to as cottage cheese ceiling is a kind of paint on ceiling which has some very special acoustic benefits like absorbing noise and thus reducing it, this kind of ceiling also conceals any minor construction flaw and also gives the room a new refreshing look.

The texture of this acoustic ceiling is something like the inside of an orange peel, which increases the durability of ceiling and also makes it easier to clean and maintain. Initially Popcorn ceilings were made of asbestos, however after the ban of asbestos due to various health hazards a material called Styrofoam is now being used to manufacture these ceilings.

Painting a popcorn ceiling is not a difficult task and with a few precautions it can be easily done by anyone. Following are the steps to paint a popcorn ceiling all by yourself:

Cleaning and Prepping the Ceiling

Its common sense that any surface would need a clean up before getting painted. So, before you start dusting off your popcorn ceiling, you should cover everything else in the room, this will prevent dust settling on to the furniture in the room and also protect them from the splatters of paint caused by painting the top most surface.
Once surroundings are covered, its time you get prepared to protect yourself and wear a facial mask so that the dust does not choke you and the paint does not splatter on your face, also preferably cover your hair as paint in hair can get quite messy. Now you are all set to start with your painting task.

Getting Your Equipment Ready

The materials that you will need to paint your popcorn ceiling are:
  1. Paint of your desired color.
  2. A foam paint roller because a brush might scrape the popcorn texture off the ceiling.
  3. And a high stool on which you can stand and paint your ceiling without straining your neck.
You will need a segmented foam paint roller so that it is easier to color the textured crevices of your ceiling.

For painting the popcorn ceiling you need to follow a pattern, first roll the paint roller in one motion, do not repeat or roll back as the ceiling starts to peel off once it gets wet as it has been sprayed on.

Thus just one steady coat is enough. In places where there are any stains you can spray some paint on beforehand and then apply a coat of paint. If the stains are intense then spray the color twice and coat again after the spray dries up.

One thing you should always keep in mind while painting a popcorn ceiling is that, once wet it will easily scrape off, so care should be taken while you paint it or apply spray on the problem spots.

Hope these tips were helpful enough to get this task done by yourself now, if not please comment below and let me know if you have any questions or a tip perhaps from your experience you’d like to share with all other DIY enthusiasts here.

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